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Tinte Capelli.it : This site contains all the best and latest hair dyes that you can find on the market and the hairdresser. The hair dyes are different from each other, each with a different typology also depending on the hair type: with or without ammonia, permanent or tone on tone. Natural hair colors are taking increasingly ù a foothold at the hairdresser. In recent years, in fact, it\'s getting more and more ù care hair products that we use at the hairdresser for the care of the body that are free of harmful substances not only for us but also for the environment. Hair: we suggest a selection guide. We know that in business there è plenty of colors that allow you to change color to your hair! Many of these, however, are also aggressive contain chemicals like ammonia, formaldehyde and more. We see in this website the hair dyes that you can use to cover white hair or just to change the look. There are two types of coloring, permanent and temporary. Temporary stains contain a very low percentage of oxidizer. « L \' è ò that allows us to lighten the oxidizing hair while simultaneously getting the color. The product enters into the hair and remains inside. For temporary tones, the product simply settles on the fiber, the è limited » effect. A temporary staining from Barber discolour with care: pu ò last up to 10 shampoos no regrowth. Some temporary tones, however, can last only the time to shampoo. Permanent colour use products that contain oxidants. The hair will discolor over time, but the color remains. « È why è always good to use colored hair treatments, so that the color remains on the hair ». For a solid permanent pigments are added, and this inevitably means an effect \' regrowth \' after a few months. It must therefore opt for a permanent or temporary? « All depends on what you want, but the temporary staining è ideal for young customers who have little or no gray hair. This staining creates glare and makes hair shiny allowing cos ì to change solid at will! ». After thirty instead begin to tick off the first white hair. If you want to hide them and whether they represent only 20-25% of your hair, temporary tones may be sufficient. If instead the white hairs are more numerous ù you\'ll need to upgrade to a permanent colour. « but again è a matter of taste! You can accept very well your white hair and didn\'t think to go to solid ». Another question that\'s bothering you: è better dye their hair at home or at the hairdresser? « Today the colourants are of good quality and à, especially if you buy professional products. The problem lies in the application. In a living room you have access to the technical expertise of your hair. He knows how to mix colors for better cover white hair or create effects to fade the color ». You basically dealing with an expertise that you can\'t get at home.

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Tinte Capelli.it - Hairdressers hair health care in the salons of beauty and aesthetics, with hair style for fashion photos and sales of hair-hair care products.

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18 Oct 19
Anne Veck

The Hairstylist shots this collection in a scrap yard and the intention is to shock and to bring to the attention of the hairdressing industry how destructive the fashion world is to people and the planet. Each image illustrates a theme, e.g. the cotton industry, ghost fishing , over use of plastic, pollution of our rivers by chemical discharges. To achieve the looks the hairstylist incorporated waste materials including daubing the hair with paint, melting plastic into the hair and plaiting the hair with wire.

Collection: Toxic Fashion
Ph: Magic Owen
Make-up: Morgan Defre
Styling: Sue Fyfe-Williams
Collection Sponsored by: Revlon Professional


18 Oct 19

MATTEINI, noto distributore di prodotti professionali e arredamenti per parrucchieri ed estetiste di MONTEVARCHI (AREZZO), è sulla copertina di BEAUTYBAZAR FASHION.

MATTEINI è in copertina!

BEAUTY BAZAR FASHION è lo short magazine dedicato alla moda-capelli di tendenza e MATTEINI si è aggiudicato la copertina di questo numero.

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17 Oct 19

PARODY: il tema 2019 celebra 37 anni di fantastici show

ALTERNATIVE HAIR è uno show punta di diamante della coiffure internazionale grazie alla partecipazione dei migliori talenti creativi del mondo.

Il fantastico spettacolo di quest'anno è avvenuto presso la bellissima location dell'ICC ExCeL di Londra, di fronte ad un pubblico di 3.200 persone e raccogliendo ben £ 163.650 a favore della fondazione benefica FIGHTING LEUKEMIA.



All Photo Credit: Alex Barron-Hough

17 Oct 19

SALON LOOK presenta grandi opportunità per i professionisti della bellezza

I punti salienti dell'agenda includono il 12° Congresso di Bellezza Master Class sulla MICROPIGMENTAZIONE e seminari su MASSAGES of the WORLD.

Il Beauty Congress sarà un incontro di esperti che vedrà l'assistenza tecnica di CONSUELO SILVEIRA. Tra i nuovi temi affrontati: "Nuovi ingredienti attivi per eliminare le macchie scure sulla pelle", "Attrezzature: gli ultimi vantaggi della tecnologia anti-invecchiamento" e molti altri. Questi argomenti saranno discussi dai più grandi esperti del settori.

16 Oct 19

ALDO FORTE, noto distributore di prodotti professionali per parrucchieri e barbieri di NAPOLI, è sulla copertina di BEAUTYBAZAR FASHION.


BEAUTY BAZAR FASHION è lo short magazine dedicato alla moda-capelli di tendenza e ALDO FORTE si è aggiudicato la copertina di questo numero.

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